Looking for an at home Luxury Face Mask? Stop your search!

So whilst I’ve been away I’ve been busy testing luxury skincare so I can report back and give you the lowdown ……I know it’s a terrible job but someone’s got to do it 😉

One of my new favourite products, that deserves a whole post of its own is epiSpa Organic illuminating  Clay Mask

The first thing I noticed was the size, the tub was such a great size for the price and when I opened it, it was full to the top! Now this might seem like a strange thing to comment on but so many times I have bought a luxury item and have disappointed that the package was too small or you didn’t get much product for the price. So before I’ve even used it I was impressed, I guess in my old age I care about value for money as well as quality.
Before I used the product I cleansed my face to make sure it was super clean and I could really reap the benefits that this clay mask boasts.

epiSpa Organic Illuminating Clay Mask has been formulated to effectively exfoliate, brighten and eliminate uneven skin tones, encouraging a bright, firmer, radiant and youthful completion. Lightly fragranced with cucumber and cherry blossom, our rich Organic illuminating Clay Mask will brighten and lift your skin and mood.”
I applied a thin layer of the mask to my face and left for around 15 minutes….. Well until was dry, I think it was 15 mins. Whilst it was drying it had a lovely small, which is always nice 🙂

Once it was dry I washed it off with warm soapy water and patted my face dry. At first my face was a little pink, which always happens when I use a clay mask so I wasn’t worried. Once my face was less pink 🙂 I noticed how bright and glowing my skin was, I’m prone to dull looking skin, so I was so pleased I had some colour back in my cheeks.
I have now used the mask on many occasions ( I’m actually using it now!) and can safely say my skin is smoother, and still just as glowing as the first time I used it. I’m pretty sure people cannot believe I’m 31.5 years old 😜

If your looking for an all round face ask that gives you smooth, glowing, younger looking skin then stop your search I’ve found out it ladies! You can thank me later !
If you fancy giving this a try the wonderful people at epiSpa are kindly giving my readers 10% off, just enter ‘CleanFace10’ at the checkout.
Thanks for reading



What’s your Philosophy?

Well Hello and Welcome to my First Blog Post!

Today I’m going to share my thoughts on a brand I’m quite new to…Philosophy Skincare.

So lets start with their Triple Acid Brightening Peel Pads.

Acid Peel Pads

I bought this from John Lewis for £59.50 which is a bit pricey, works out as £4.96 per pad which isn’t so bad when you break it down.

The main thing that appealed to me with this product was its ease of use. Simply wipe over a clean dry face, easy! I love a simple product, no mixing, waiting 10 mins, washing and then reapplying something else. I like simple and effective, which this is!

Once applied my skin tingled a little and went pink, but that’s to be expected when you wipe with an acid pad! The tingling died down after a few minutes as did the pink face.

Moisturiser can be applied afterwards if needed but as I have oily skin I quite liked it being dry for a change. As I applied over night,(which I think is the best time to apply it gives your skin a chance to breathe and recover), I noticed a difference the next morning. My skin was a little brighter and a lot less oily.

I use this product over a number of weeks, sometimes twice a week (rebel I know!) and I really liked it, gave my skin that lil pick me up it needed. The tingling died down after a few uses as did the pink face.

Thumbs up from me, although I wouldn’t recommend to people with sensitive skin, with it being covered in acid…can’t see that being a good thing for your skin. But if you skin is tough as old boots like mine then crack on I say!


Looking forward to trying some more Philosophy products in the future, recommendations greatly appreciated!


CF xx