Who is your Skinspiration?

Role model/Girl Crush…I prefer the term Skinspo , whatever you want to call it Jennifer Aniston is my go to girl to when it comes to Skin Goals.

I love this woman for so many reasons, but mainly because she has somehow managed to age and stay a natural beauty within an industry that is so obsessed with staying young.

Take her role in the movie ‘Cake‘. Here she plays a bitter, unwell woman who hates the life she has made for herself, but somehow JA manages to look amazing whilst make up free. How does she do it? Healthy diet? Plenty of water? Skincare routine? Secret Vampire facials? or just good genes?

Stars On The Set Of 'Cake' In Los Angeles

No matter how she does it, I love her natural beauty.

Who is your Skinspo? Why do you love them so much and how do you think they achieve their flawless skin?

Thanks for reading