Who is your Skinspiration?

Role model/Girl Crush…I prefer the term Skinspo , whatever you want to call it Jennifer Aniston is my go to girl to when it comes to Skin Goals.

I love this woman for so many reasons, but mainly because she has somehow managed to age and stay a natural beauty within an industry that is so obsessed with staying young.

Take her role in the movie ‘Cake‘. Here she plays a bitter, unwell woman who hates the life she has made for herself, but somehow JA manages to look amazing whilst make up free. How does she do it? Healthy diet? Plenty of water? Skincare routine? Secret Vampire facials? or just good genes?

Stars On The Set Of 'Cake' In Los Angeles

No matter how she does it, I love her natural beauty.

Who is your Skinspo? Why do you love them so much and how do you think they achieve their flawless skin?

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Looking for an at home Luxury Face Mask? Stop your search!

So whilst I’ve been away I’ve been busy testing luxury skincare so I can report back and give you the lowdown ……I know it’s a terrible job but someone’s got to do it 😉

One of my new favourite products, that deserves a whole post of its own is epiSpa Organic illuminating  Clay Mask

The first thing I noticed was the size, the tub was such a great size for the price and when I opened it, it was full to the top! Now this might seem like a strange thing to comment on but so many times I have bought a luxury item and have disappointed that the package was too small or you didn’t get much product for the price. So before I’ve even used it I was impressed, I guess in my old age I care about value for money as well as quality.
Before I used the product I cleansed my face to make sure it was super clean and I could really reap the benefits that this clay mask boasts.

epiSpa Organic Illuminating Clay Mask has been formulated to effectively exfoliate, brighten and eliminate uneven skin tones, encouraging a bright, firmer, radiant and youthful completion. Lightly fragranced with cucumber and cherry blossom, our rich Organic illuminating Clay Mask will brighten and lift your skin and mood.”
I applied a thin layer of the mask to my face and left for around 15 minutes….. Well until was dry, I think it was 15 mins. Whilst it was drying it had a lovely small, which is always nice 🙂

Once it was dry I washed it off with warm soapy water and patted my face dry. At first my face was a little pink, which always happens when I use a clay mask so I wasn’t worried. Once my face was less pink 🙂 I noticed how bright and glowing my skin was, I’m prone to dull looking skin, so I was so pleased I had some colour back in my cheeks.
I have now used the mask on many occasions ( I’m actually using it now!) and can safely say my skin is smoother, and still just as glowing as the first time I used it. I’m pretty sure people cannot believe I’m 31.5 years old 😜

If your looking for an all round face ask that gives you smooth, glowing, younger looking skin then stop your search I’ve found out it ladies! You can thank me later !
If you fancy giving this a try the wonderful people at epiSpa are kindly giving my readers 10% off, just enter ‘CleanFace10’ at the checkout.
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