Marketing Magpie

Hey Everyone

Today I wanted to chat about why I buy the products I buy.

I really want to sit here and tell you how much I research a product and make sure it is right for me before I buy, but that would be a complete lie.

I hate to admit it but like many of you out there I fall for the marketing ploy of Celebrity endorsers and fancy packaging.


So why do we fall for this over and over again? ( by we I mean me)

I know exactly why I do it….. I am still to find that wonder product that cleans my pores, hydrates and leaves me with flawless skin.

Does this product even exist? Will my search last forever? I hope it does exist and I find it fairly soon as I am getting pretty annoyed that I’m still searching in my 30’s.

I’ve had an issue with my skin since my teens, as most girls have, but instead of this clearing up in my 20’s it never did. To me, my skin seems dull at times and I’m still prone to breakouts. Don’t even get me started on the dark circles around my eyes!

I still have these problems even though I follow a 3 step skincare routine, twice daily and face pack at least once a week! What does a girl have to do?!?!?!

Maybe this is as good as it gets and I just need to get super amazing at doing my make up and fake flawless skin?

I would love to know if I’m not the only one out there who feels this way, or if you have that wonder product, then tell me NOW!!! 🙂

Soz for the moan, but sometimes a girls gotta get a few things off her chest!






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